Thursday, July 27, 2006

Still project afterthoughts...

I got some great feedback yesterday from the comments on our projects. I was a little surprised to see so many 6's and 7's, just because I didn't give anyone lower than an 8. I would've liked to have slowed down my narration, but I had no idea that we could go significantly over the 2 minute time limit without getting points deducted, otherwise I would've gone more than the 5 seconds over that I did. I also didn't know we could use copyrighted music and video, although video I probably wouldn't have used anyway since it would make it really long, but music other than what I created in GarageBand I would've used. I definitely understood their remarks for improvement and appreciated the compliments on my project. Either way, I think the immense effort I put into it was well worth it, especially to see the looks on my parents' faces when they watched it. I think the best part was my dad asking to see it over and over again.

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Friday afternoon post

I really enjoyed viewing the stills projects that were available to watch. It's interesting to see the different angles that each person in class chose to take. Each project has its own spin on it and everyone did a great job showing their creativity. I can't wait to watch the rest when they're finished and posted!

As for the next and final project, the script is the next big part of it. A lot of the script is already available from the parts of the treatment that have already been established. It just has to be finished up and in 2-column script format, which seems to be the best and most effective way for us to do a script after reviewing the examples and articles on it. The "Digital Video" textbook shows examples of a type of 3-column script used in television and voice-over, however, the 2-column is much more practical and sufficient for the project we're taking on. Video and audio columns are all we need since the camera setup won't be as elaborate as it would be in large productions and the audio will be fairly simple with a majority of it being the voice of one actor.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

After the stills project...

Now that my stills project is done and posted (I hope everyone enjoys watching it), it's time to put all my attention and effort for class into our final group project. Today, a big chunk of the treatment was put together and we'll look forward to finishing it up and sharing it with the class on Monday.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stills project

This a video about my family, something of a tribute to my parents...

Monday, July 17, 2006

A Family Journey video

Last Wednesday I was able to compile all of the photos I planned to use into a timeline in iMovie, extract the audio from my narrative, and properly adjust it with the photos. Today in class, I will finish putting together some background music in Garage Band, insert it into my timeline in iMovie, and add a couple of different photos I found over the weekend. If everything turns out as planned, my video entitled "A Family Journey" should be finished tonight!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


After writing my narrative, which is a very compact version of my family's journey from Poland to the U.S., the biggest task was gathering all the photos that will go along with it. After spending quite some time looking through old photo albums, picking out the photos I marked in my storyboard, I didn't end up with exactly what was planned. Some photos I omitted and replaced since not all our photo albums were available to me at the time and a bit of the narrative was tweaked. Hopefully, the narrative, the photos, and the background music playing behind my little story will make for a good little video.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

my first movie

Video Mashups

I find that my most common reaction to each of the mashups I viewed was laughter. Whether it was a horror flick made funny, or a comedy made scary, they were funny to me. Not in a bad way, but just because I knew that what I was viewing was a mashup and knew to expect some oxymorons in video. The one that stood out though was the Epic 2014, it made me feel as if I were watching an introductory show before a ride at Epcot or something of that nature.

I think I will go for the oxymoron effect in my mashup. Maybe making a recent comedy, such as Click, The Breakup, or You, Me and Dupree to look frightening, although I’d rather use other comedies I enjoy, such as Robin Hood: Men in Tights or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but trailers for those seem less within reach. Yes, I think my mashup will be a frightening funny.