Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Final project...

I think it's coming along wonderfully! We've shot all of the apartment scenes, the restaurant scene, and the airport scene will be done this Sunday.

The apartment scenes took us almost 4 hours. We played with the lighting and different angles, and ended up getting a lot of great footage to choose from when editing. The hardest part was recording the computer conversation. The white on the computer screen caused the camera to go in and out of focus and the screen to jump. It took a lot of patience to stabilize it, but we got it.

The restaurant scene was great. It was fun to work on too. We were fortunate to be able to get the use of a dining room there all to ourselves and definitely thankful to those that made it happen. The actor turned out to be perfect for the part of Michael and did a great job with Kim in the scenes. My favorite part is the shot of their hands coming together and the feather (you'll see what I mean next week), although it was hard to shoot -- again, white on white causing blurring problems, but we got it.

We already got a lot of editing done through the first apartment scene and by the end of this week, should have a ton more done!


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