Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Final project - Editing

We were able to get a ton of editing done last night. We were even able to get some of the clips from our second camera which were imported onto a separate computer by transferrring one or two at a time using my flash drive. We still have one part from the office scene that we need to transfer to the main computer we've been editing on, but it was far too large to put on a flash drive, so we hope to be able to do that today with an external firewire drive. Hopefully we'll have time to do some more editing too. We got the bulk of the apartment and restaurant scenes edited with the biggest part left there being the audio. We still have to play with that in certain parts. For instance, the message from the answering machine was cut off when we put that scene together with different clips, so we'll have to put that audio back in. So yea, it was definitely worth it to drive the distance down to campus on a Tuesday to be able to work on this. The biggest downfall of that however, is once you give that keycard back to Bridget, there is no way to later get into the lobby, meaning no way to get to the restrooms. Luckily, our campus isn't too big lol!


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