Thursday, July 27, 2006

Still project afterthoughts...

I got some great feedback yesterday from the comments on our projects. I was a little surprised to see so many 6's and 7's, just because I didn't give anyone lower than an 8. I would've liked to have slowed down my narration, but I had no idea that we could go significantly over the 2 minute time limit without getting points deducted, otherwise I would've gone more than the 5 seconds over that I did. I also didn't know we could use copyrighted music and video, although video I probably wouldn't have used anyway since it would make it really long, but music other than what I created in GarageBand I would've used. I definitely understood their remarks for improvement and appreciated the compliments on my project. Either way, I think the immense effort I put into it was well worth it, especially to see the looks on my parents' faces when they watched it. I think the best part was my dad asking to see it over and over again.


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